The 100th Day of School

“Hip-Hip Hooray! We’ve reached 100 Days!”

The hundredth day of school is one of my favorites. It’s a day where we go ALL-OUT doing lots of fun things related to the number 100. I think I have as much fun as the kids do. I’m also wishing right now that I had taken more pictures on this day but I will share the few I do have and explain the rest to you. 🙂

First, I like to rearrange the room before the students arrive. This little change up makes for a more dramatic entrance as the students come in. When the student’s arrive, they can color their fun 100th day hat. Then, as they finish, they can help color our class “100th Days Brighter” banner. I make from butcher paper and my printable template found in my “Everything You Need for the 100th Day of School” bundle here.

Within our literacy block, I incorporate activities that include the theme of the 100th day. I introduce a 100th day poem that we read together and make hand motions too. Then they glue this poem into there poetry journals and we go on a sight word hunt to find words we know in the poem (see more about my poetry journals here.)

Another fun literacy activity I incorporate is Write the Room where the students go looking for 100 words around the room. Do they ever actually find and write 100 words… NO! But it sure is fun trying. I set a time for 10-15 minutes and let them find as many words around the room as they can. After the timer goes off, we see who found the most words and then I challenge them to finish at home if want to.

Check out some of the products listed below to discover other fun activities we do on the 100th Day of School! 

Blessings and happy teaching!

Mrs. Young

“Doing little things with  great love!” 

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