About Me

Welcome to Mrs. Young’s Teaching Corner! I am so excited you are here. It is my hope that you would be encouraged and inspired with creative ideas and resources to help make your classroom a fun and engaging place for your kiddos to learn.

My name is Christy Young and I am Certified Elementary Educator K-6th with the bulk of my experience being in the primary grade levels (kindergarten to be specific). I have learned many things over the past years, of which, the thing that stands out the most is – Teaching is not for the faint of heart! As an educator, you are juggling SO MANY different components at once, constantly make lots of moment-to-moment decision, all the while trying to meet the diverse needs of each of the little ones entrusted into your care (which tends to be quite a high ratio these days). This places a high demand on educators, and I mean A LOT!

Because of this, I believe collaboration with other educators is so important. We need each other’s encouragement and support. That is what I hope to accomplish here. I would like to offer my small part of support, encouragement, and creative ideas to those who are searching. 

May your heart be strengthened and encouraged as an educator to continue to “do little things with great love!”