Plant Themed Unit

Spring has sprung! My students LOVE learning about plants. Within our plant themed unit, we first learn about a plant’s life cycleThen we transition to learning about all the things a plant needs to grow – water, sunlight, air, & soil. 

After we learn about plant needs, we then plant our own seeds making sure we give it everything it needs to grow. This is the fun part! I purchase some kidney beans (super easy to grow), soil, and clear plastic cups (this way the students can observe the roots as they grow). Then I have the kids come one at a time to scoop some dirt into their cup, plant their seed, and water it. We then review all the things we need to give our plant to help it grow and we discuss how we will be taking care of them. 

After we plant our seeds, we observe the changes and growth that occurs little by little each day. As our plants begin to grow, we document our observation in our plant journals called “My Plant Journal.

Some additional funs way I incorporate our plant theme across subjects is through reading nonfiction books on plants. Here is a great read aloud I like to use (This is an affiliate link).

While reading these different nonfiction books on plants, we talk about text features, specifically highlighting “labels”. After we notice how the author uses them in this book, we then do an interactive plant labeling activity together on an anchor chart. After this (usually on a different day) we will redo this plant labeling activity, independently at their seats.

I also introduce a shared reading poem called A Little Seed. We first learn the poem together and add fun hand motions to go with it. Then we glue a smaller version of the poem into our poetry journals and go on a sight word hunt!

My students really enjoy learning about plants! I hope you can take away something for your classroom. I’ve made a sample of my “Parts of a Plant” labeling activity a free gift for you. Find it here.

Enjoy and happy teaching!

Mrs. Young

“Doing little things with great love!”

Here’s the bundle of all the activities you see above.

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