The Friend Ship Writing & Craft Activity

“Friendship February” is what I like to call the month of February. During the whole month of February we focus on what it means to have and be a good friend. This topic of friendship can really be emphasized ANY time of the year though. In my class, we have lots of pointed discussions around kindness, thinking of others before ourselves, and having a gentle, caring heart.

To go with this friendship theme, I created a fun activity for my student to engage in called The Friend ShipWriting & Craft Activity. This writing craft was inspired by the book “The Friend Ship” by Kat Yeh (find the book here – affiliate link).

In this cute story, the animals spend the whole time looking for the “Friend Ship,” but what they don’t realize is that they were already on it! After reading this fun story to my class, we talk about how we don’t have to look far for friends, we just need to look around. We discuss what makes a good friend and we talk about the “keys” to friendship. Then, we take a fun class photo together (Tip: make sure you take a photo on a day your whole class is present so no one feels left out).

For the next part of this activity, we spend some time talking and writing about what makes a good friend. Each student receives their “boat book” where we talk, draw, and write out our thoughts on things good friends say and do for each other. (Find the template for this activity on my TPT store here.) After the boat book is made, we then assemble our very own “Friend Ship” together. (Note: I usually break this writing and craft activity into a few days).

The last step is optional (unless you plan on displaying them on a bulletin board). It does require a little more work for the teacher, but it can be fun for the kids to add a “key” to their boat. This also ties in nicely with learning about the “keys” to friendship, and it serves to hold the book closed while hanging upright in the hallways. To assemble, glue a key onto the right inside of the boat. Then, with an exacto knife, cut a slit on the paper to the right of the boat. This allows students to insert their key into the slit (see photo below for reference).

There you have it… your very own class Friend Ship!! The kids love it, it looks fabulous on the bulletin board, and it promotes friendship among the class. Win, win, win!

Enjoy and happy teaching.

Mrs. Young

“Doing little things with great love.”

Lets be Friends

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