Martin luther King Jr CRAFT & WRITING ACTIVITY

“I have a dream…!” were the famous words of Martin Luther King Jr.

On the week leading up to MLK day, as a class we read books and discuss what kind of person Martin Luther King Jr was. We discuss how Mr. King stood up for what he believed was right, and how he had a dream to see the world become a better place for everyone.

After we discuss Mr. King’s life, we think about some problems we see in the world today. We then think like a “problem solver,” ┬ábrainstorming ways to fix the problems we see and thinking of ways we could contribute to make them better. Then we write about it! (See template for this activity here)

After we draw and write out our thoughts, we then assemble our Martin Luther King craft step-by-step together. After all, he is our inspiration!

My students really enjoy the process of making their project and they feel very accomplished at the end. I have a string hanging from my classroom ceiling where I like to display their beautiful work for all to see.

Enjoy & happy teaching!

Mrs. Young

“Doing little things with great love!”

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