Turn you Smart Phone into a Document Camera for Zoom

Well, teachers we have definitely been thrown a curve ball this year navigating these uncharted waters of teaching elementary remotely. It is time to get creative! I’ve discovered a little tip I recently figured out and wanted to share with you.

Do you miss your doc camera?! Well, I’ve found a way to show an overhead video shot so the students can see my hands at work, basically simulating a doc camera! 

There is an app that works as a web cam called EpocCam. There are two version. One it free but it comes with ads. The other cost $7.99 and it doesn’t have ads. I figured it was worth it for me to go ahead and purchase it (as teachers we’re often paying for things out of our own pockets but sometimes it’s worth it. You’ll have to decide what works best for you). 

This app does have some requirements for your devices for it to work, and you need to make sure you have them before trying this (see picture below).

Once you’ve downloaded the app on both your smart phone and computer, open up and activate the webcam. Once it’s activated, login into zoom. When you login to zoom, select “Share” and then (when the program EpocCam is activated) you will see EpocCam as an option. Click to share EpocCam Viewer. Tada! You now have a document camera!

You can get creative to set your smart phone to record overhead/vertical videos. I created a stand by using a selfie stick in a  jar with a dish towel (something to hold stand in place) with a 3-hole punch resting on top (you need something to weigh it down). Talk about innovation, right?! Whatever works! 

However, there is an easier option. You could purchase a gooseneck phone holder like this one (affiliate link here).

One other tip you may want to consider is plugging your smart phone directly into your computer if you are experiencing a slight delay on your webcam. This is due to the strength of your wifi and plugging in your phone can shorten lag time. Instead of clicking EpocCam on Zoom Share, you will select iPhone/ipad via cable button (see pic below). 

Having a document cam that you can record in zoom opens up so many possibilities! I’m so excited to use this feature and I hope this helps you on your remote teaching journey. Click on the video tutorial below for a step-by-step explanation from me.

Enjoy and happy teaching!  

Mrs. Young 

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